Annaba: source of beauty, wealth of history

Annaba: source of beauty, wealth of history .

Built width elegance in the heart of the Mediterranean, it is the queen of the Algerian coast. "Hippone","Hippone-Rigius", "Bouna" and "Bone", several names are given to just one city, captivating capital of eastern Algeria.

It Appeals to visitors and those who have settled there, maked the ages of history and built civilizations attesting to historical depth of region since prehistoric man.

It now invites all those loving uniqueness to discover its treasures and its pristine nature. The tourist attractions of Annaba allow, on the one hand, welcoming tourists from both inside and outside the contry and, on the other hand, opened its doors to major projects investors by guaranteeing all the conditions necessary for there success. The rich hostory of events demonstrates the sustainability of the city and the region since immemorial times.