The Mediteranean Film Festival of Annaba is back!

After a long interlude, the Mediterranean Film Festival of Annaba (FAFM) comes back to this beautiful coastal city with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

Annaba is back this year with some great cinema worthy of a great audience.

An international jury will award the "Anab d'Or"or  the " The Golden Jujube " (with a cash prize for the best Mediterranean Film and a Grand Jury Prize, a Best Actress, Best Actor, and  Best Screenplay award as well as  the Audience Award which will also have the right to vote for the film of their choice).

The FAFM will also include:

• Posthumous tributes to Kulthum, Omar Sharif and Nour Cherif, as well as directors such   as : Amar Laskri, Benamar Bakhti and Theo Angeloupolos.

A "Jujube of Honor" will be attributed to Moussa Haddad, Sid Ahmed Agoumi and Yves Boisset.

Cheb Khaled will also be officially honored for being the only Arab winning artist in a Mediterranean festival, the Venice Film Festival, where he won "The Golden Osella" for best music, which is the most sought after award in this field.  

  • A round table on "Illegal emigration" will be held, followed by a selection of films tackling the issue of illegal immigration.

  • The Fund for the Development of Arts, Techniques and the Cinema Industry (FDATIC) will be given carte blanche for the funding of script-writing and aid to filmmaking .

  • Algerian and foreign investors will get together in a meeting focused on the launch of movie theaters in Algeria.