Pays invité

Stand-Up Girl !

Lila has only one dream in mind: becoming an artist; however, her father stands against her dream. Passionate and determined, she sets off to conquer Paris. Between struggles and disillusion, she fights to win in such environment. Will she one day succeed having her name at the top of the poster, and finally regain her father's pride?

The Faithful Son

Just out of prison after 3 year, Ben needs to reunite with his son and find his place in the world. Between small work and petty crimes, sincere friendship and fundamentalist temptation, Ben will lead a fight to resist hatred and regain his dignity as a free man


Damascus. The war is on the street. The apartment has become a sort of bunker where everything is organised depending on poverty. Every day is just a struggle to survive until tomorrow. The men are gone, only the women and the elderly are left. But some other men appear. Everyone retreats to the kitchen. Everyone except one young woman, alone on the other side of the door.


Zahira, eighteen years old, a Pakistani girl with jetblack eyes, wants to keep the baby growing inside her. Amir, her brother and confidant, promises to help her. But the parents have other ideas for the young girl.

I'm Dead But I Have Friends

On the eve of their departure for their first tour in California, three rocker friends find themselves faced with the absurd death of Jipé, the leader of their group. Because friendship is stronger than anything, they decide to carry out well this much hoped tour. Their journey will take a less confusing direction when the friend of their best friend, a mustachioed air force pilot, appears.

Intégration Inch'Allah

They just arrived in Belgium. New immigrants from Syria, Irak, Morocco... who will have to participate in a mandatory integration program in Flanders, called « inburgering ». To obtain their certificate, they will have to learn the habits and customs from Flanders and Belgium. The film follows these people, with humor and kindness, throughout their journey.

Rising Voices

Their names are Moktar, Najat, Joseph, Gernaz, Duraid, Hayder, Kader, Esma… They fled Syria, Iraq, Iran, Congo, Morocco and Niger… Together, they occupy a church. They will risk their lives for asylum. Days of countdown begin; a test of strength in itself. Inside, Kader has assumed the role of leader, but, mysteriously, sometimes he is missing. Day by day, devotedly, Esma cares for this community. Exhaustion increases; tensions rise. But bonds are forged and strengthened. Between betrayal and brotherhood, the group will have to put itself to the test, and face up to the challenge.

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