Opération maillot



  • Okacha Touita
  • Nadine Char


  • Martin Pautard
  • Menad M’barek
  • Mathieu Brion
  • Imed Benchenni
  • Miloud Khetib
  • Collette Krafe
  • Mabrok Ferroudji


  • Yacine Leloui

Algeria, 1956. Soldier Henri Maillot, a member of the Algerian Communist Party (PCA), deserts the French army with a hoard of weapons destined to arm the rebellion. While the PCA attempts to establish formal contacts with the National Liberation Front (FLN) to unify their struggle, a dozen Communist fighters organize themselves independently and hide out in various houses across Algiers. Hunted down by the French army, the group is finally surrounded. Henry is killed as well as Maurice Laban, veteran of the war in Spain alongside the Republicans.