The seven ramparts of the citadel



  • Mohamed Maarfia


  • Hassan Kachach
  • Philippe Caulier
  • Antar Hellal
  • Elise Hobbé
  • Bahia Rachedi


  • AARC
  • CADC

1954, the drama is tied, the horizon of light fills with twilight wrinkles, Lucien the feudal, almighty master of the "secular house" is building dikes, multiplying efforts, ruining himself, smashing his children's happiness in a pathetic and vain attempt to reverse the course of destiny. Standing to reason till the end, he won't hesitate going for an onslaught of the "enemy", even if, at the end of the road, he'll have to face suffering and maybe death. Thebti, the beloved son of Hadj Laid and whose youth has been tossed between the unholy waves of hatred and retaliation, begins to besiege the "secular house" armed with a stone patience and a frantic desire for revenge. Thebti and Lucien, the "felagha" and the colonist, after fighting to death, and both traveling a long embers way, finally face each other and mostly face themselves.

Les Sept Remparts de la Citadelle (Bande Annonce)