Stand-Up Girl !


  • Nawell Madani
  • Ali Bougheraba
  • Matt Alexander
  • Kamel Guemra


  • Nawell Madani
  • François Berléand
  • Baptiste Druot
  • Mimoun Benabderahmane
  • Camille Colman


  • Nexus Factory
  • LGM Cinéma

Lila has only one dream in mind: becoming an artist; however, her father stands against her dream. Passionate and determined, she sets off to conquer Paris. Between struggles and disillusion, she fights to win in such environment. Will she one day succeed having her name at the top of the poster, and finally regain her father's pride?

C'EST TOUT POUR MOI Bande Annonce (Nawell MADANI // 2017)