Letter of WALI

Letter of WALI

Once again, Annaba, the hosting city of the 2015Mediterranean Film Festival, reflects the continuation of the previous editions of this cultural event.

Built with elegance in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Queen of the Algerian coast, the ancient and medieval city is a witness of the glorious past of a rich country with many facets. All these arguments and traits make it the best destination for: Cultural and cultic tourism.

This event’s importance was enhanced by the patronage of his Excellency the President of the Republic and will be further highlighted by a patchwork that seeks to be a cultural prelude.
The 2015Mediterranean Film Festival will be a referential cultural event Annaba at the both national and international level.

The city of Annaba is therefore proud to invite its guests, stars and directors from the film industry, who came from various horizons of the Mediterranean basin, to doscover, during the event, its treasures and its pristine nature.

Youcef CHERFA, Wali of Annaba.