The seven ramparts of the citadel

1954, the drama is tied, the horizon of light fills with twilight wrinkles, Lucien the feudal, almighty master of the "secular house" is building dikes, multiplying efforts, ruining himself, smashing his children's happiness in a pathetic and vain attempt to reverse the course of destiny. Standing to reason till the end, he won't hesitate going for an onslaught of the "enemy", even if, at the end of the road, he'll have to face suffering and maybe death.

Chahine, cinema and Algeria

It all began in 1957, when the battle of Algeria broke out. At that time, Youssef Chahine discovered Algeria, its struggle and its revolutionary cause; which culminated in the 1958 film " El Djamila", a tribute to the Algerian revolution and the heroine: Jamila Bouhaird. More than 50 years after the film, a meeting with Youssef Chahine took place during his stay in Algeria in 2004. He talked about his dedication to the struggle for Arab cinema and his relationship with Algeria, especially his friends: Ahmed Rashdi, his artistic rival with Mohamed El-Akhdar Hamina.

Take care of yourself

Heckled by his family about his celibacy, the director embarks on a journey to meet Algerians and their loved ones. Through the faces and stories they tell, there is a bittersweet portrait of today's Algeria.

Of Sheep and Men

Algiers, 2016. Habib, 16, dreams of becoming a vet. Unable to study for his hoped-for profession, he has bought a sheep named El Bouq. His goal? Training the animal to become a fighting champion. Meanwhile, -42 year-old Samir no longer has any dreams and just wants to sell enough sheep before Eid to make ends meet.

Until The End Of Time

In the cemetery of Sidi Boulekbour, Ali the old gravedigger meets the -60year-old Johar, who is visiting her sister's grave for the first time after losing her husband. Johar wants her final resting place to be next to her sister, so she decides to organize her own funeral and asks Ali to help her. But preparations for the final journey go awry when Ali and Johar unexpectedly start to realize they have feelings for each other…

Until the Birds Return

Algeria today. Past and present collide in the lives of a newly wealthy property developer, an ambitious neurologist impeded by wartime wrongdoings, and a young woman torn between the path of reason and sentiment. Three stories that plunge us into the human soul of a contemporary Arab society.

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