Plot 35

First and foremost, Carré 35 (Plot 35), is the story of a secret, that of the death of Eric Caravaca's sister at the age of three. This sister, who people had barely spoken to him about and of whom no photographs had been kept. The producer decided to make a film that would look at this forgotten life. But he found himself faced with a real challenge: how could he do this with no pictures? How could he film an empty shape?

Hamlet In Palestine

Visiting Ramallah in 2012 to put on Hamlet and run a workshop for young Palestinian actors, the German stage director Thomas Ostermeier returns to the Jenin refugee camp, where his friend, Juliano Mer-Khamis, was assassinated in the street in 2011. Mixing temporalities and different types of images, the film interleaves encounters with those close to this charismatic director of the Freedom Theatre and excerpts from a documentary that he had made himself. 

Our Patriots

After the French defeat of summer 1940, Addi Ba, a young Senegalese rifleman escapes and hides in the Vosges. Aided by some villagers, he gets false documents that allow him to live openly

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